What is neurofibromatose ?

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder which affects the skin and the nervous and skeletal systems. It may be inherited from either parent in 50% of cases or result from a spontaneous genetic mutation.

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L'Entraide NF

L'Entraide NF est un bulletin regroupant des thèmes variés. Il poursuit les buts de notre Association et se veut bien un outil de service pour no membres.

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Voilà un livre touchant, écrit par une de nos membres de l'Association de Neurofibromatose du Québec

Association de la

Neurofibromatose du Québec


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Emerging from the shadows

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Fall activity , November 22 at Ste-Justine Hospital
Convocation to the AGM

Convocation to the General Annual Meeting May 31th 2014

Fall Activity, November, 23 2013

 Lecture presented by Line Gascon, PhD(Learning disabilities in people with neurofibromatosis), & Lecture presented by Joël Monzée, PhD, doctor  (Relational issues)

Fall Activity, November 23, 2013

We presente you 2 lectures : "Learning disabilities in people with neurofibromatosis" by Line Gascon PhD, &  "Relational issues" by Joël Monzée, PhD,